These are the biggest marketing blunders by Smartphone manufacturers

Do brand employees use their own brand’s products?

Maybe, No because that is what so many Failed-Brand-marketing compilation shows.

There are so many instances where a brand employer or executive show up with other brand’s products. In this case it is smartphones.

Note:- I won’t say that ‘X’ company employee shouldn’t use ‘Y’ brand products. It is subjective and that’s their choice. In fact, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau openly said that they use iPhones when they were working in Oppo. (That’s one of the reasons why OnePlus was born).

Here are some pictures showing Failed-Brand-marketing and marketing blunders:

  1. On the eve of the New year, Huawei wished its customers in twitter but users caught that it was tweeted from an iPhone. Later Huawei responded and demoted the employee responsible for this.

2. Gal Gadot marketing Huawei Mate 10 pro using an iPhone.

We know that Samsung and Apple are big rivals in the market but do you know how Samsung shows its love on iPhone? Have a look at these:

3. Samsung tweets from an iPhone

4. Last year everything was going right for Realme except this;

Realme CEO tweets about their smartphone but with an iPhone. The interesting thing is that he always shows how good their smartphones are and how he loves them using as his main smartphone.

Later he said that he was testing that iPhone.

5. Samsung paid celebrity shows his love for Samsung Galaxy S4 from his iPhone

6. Samsung paid Russian celebrity caught using iPhone while filming a TV show though she tried to cover it. The picture is not certain but later it is confirmed that she was using an iPhone. So Samsung filed a lawsuit of $1.6 million on her.

7. The moment we have been waiting for? What? Razer from an iPhone. Awkward, isn’t?

8. Xiaomi CEO posts in weibo account from? An iPhone.

9. Huawei CEO was seen in Airport carrying Apple iPad.

10. Google chairman admits that he uses iPhone but he feels Samsung is better.

Hmmm, Google?

We’ve seen celebrities and brand executives love for iPhones.

11. Now after all Apple was caught marketing Apple Music from an iPhone. Sorry, from an Android.

12. We know that RDJ is the brand ambassador of OnePlus. Maybe his team forgot that because they were marketing OnePlus 7 from Huawei P30 Pro.

Do employees at Google, Apple, or Samsung use the products aka Pixel, iPhone, or Note of their respective companies?

Even CEO’s, executives, employees caught using some other brand’s products. So will they use their own companies products?

Some will not everyone.

As I said, there is nothing wrong in using their favorite products because it is their choice but somehow negligence resulted in marketing fails and blunders.

Note:- Even CEO is an employee of a company.

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